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How the “essence of the plant” strengthens women – aromatherapist reveals do's and dont's

Christina Weber's path to aromatherapy began with a sign in Australia. Today she is an expert in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, a Reiki Master & Energetic Healing as well as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. She uses her knowledge to help women awaken their inner power and self-love.

In an interview with Volant, she explains how she does this and which essential oils are particularly suitable for strengthening the feminine.

woman suffering from headache

Christina Weber has always had a special connection to nature. As a child she mixed dandelion ointment, talked to trees and developed an early fascination for nature and energies.

However, it was much later that she came to know and love essential oils, the “essence of the plant”. Initially, her path led her to a large German bank, where she worked for years until she could hardly do it anymore.

Leftover vacation and overtime allowed her to take a three-month sabbatical, which she spent in Australia and the South Pacific.

“It was there that I realised I didn't want to go on like this. The day before I left, I was walking around Sydney and saw a sign for aromatherapy massages. This full body massage was truly a life changing experience as they say. I was immediately excited and thought: I have to learn this!”

Back in Germany, Christina lasted only three days at her bank job before quitting. Six months later, she was back in Australia, ready to study aromatherapy.

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  • Why essential oils are especially beneficial for women
  • Aromatherapy Don’ts
  • About Christina

Christina's "Wild Women" and the Journey to Self-Love

woman holding essential oil blend while diffusing aroma scent

“I've always loved scent,” says Christina, “but it wasn't until I went to study them that I learned there’s so much more to essential oils.”

 After the birth of her son, she taught at a naturopathic school, but quickly realized she wanted to offer her own hands-on training. In 2015, the time finally came.

Christina quickly realized that she could better understand and help women in her consultations. The final push came from working with her graphic designer, says Christina. Her mission was clear: “I want to work with aromatherapy, herbs and women. That is where my brand, Wilde Weiber, came from.”

Who are these Wilde Weiber, i.e “wild women”? What does femininity mean?

For Christina, caring is something typically feminine. Women, says the aromatherapist, carry the nurturing and healing within them. “That doesn't mean that men can't do it,” Christina points out, “but it's a predominantly feminine quality.”

For her, being a woman also means fully accepting your body with all its curves, and better yet, loving it. A woman should feel comfortable in her body without being ashamed of it – Christina supports this in her coaching sessions and with the help of essential oils.

“I want to show women how beautiful they are, no matter what the world around them says. I want to encourage women to stand up for themselves, to appreciate and love themselves.

We women have so much potential in us, but we don't dare to live it. This makes me sad and at the same time it motivates me to continue and train more Wild Women.”

Which essential oils can help women

As Christina has discovered in her 20 years of experience, there are very special oils for women. They are kind to the skin, smell nice, relax and strengthen the nerves. Often they also have an effect on the menstrual cycle, and each oil has a specific scent theme.

These scent themes can trigger insightful responses. “If I haven't resolved a theme or have it in my consciousness,” Christina explains, “I may reject the scent. On the other hand, I may especially love an oil if it supports me in my process.”

Rose Geranium for more self-love

For example, Rose Geranium is a great oil for self-love and self-care. Many women like the scent and use it to increase their self-love.

Christina’s tip: Do something for yourself as an expression of self-love, such as reading a good book or meditating, and add rose geranium to your diffuser.

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Ylang Ylang for a better body feeling

woman experiencing exertional headache after working out

Ylang Ylang is a beguiling scent. Not everyone likes it because the fragrance theme is love for one's body.

For women, Ylang Ylang is a relaxing and aphrodisiac oil. It promotes body awareness and makes us feel good in our bodies.

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Vanilla and cinnamon for the heart and libido

Vanilla is one of the most popular fragrances in the world. In terms of taste, vanilla ice cream is also in the top 3. Why is that? For Christina, it's easy to explain: Vanilla has a calming and enveloping effect, so it gives a sense of security.

Cinnamon is wonderfully warming. “Cinnamon is aphrodisiac and warms the heart when you have experienced too much hardship in life.”

Lavender for men and women

woman with sinus headache

And what about perhaps the most popular oil, appreciated around the world for its many properties? Christina also holds lavender oil in high regard.

It’s an absolute all-rounder and should not be missing in any household, but it’s not a special women’s oil, says the aroma expert. Please note, however, that lavender lowers blood pressure.

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Dos and Don'ts – How Women Get the Most Out of Essential Oils

Where did Christina get this incredible knowledge about the essence of the plant? Her extensive training laid the foundation. “But in the last ten years, I’ve evolved my fragrance profiles,” she explains. “I have gone deeper and studied the oils intensively. I've learned a lot and discovered correlations that are always confirmed in practice.”

She passes this knowledge on to her students. In an interview with Volant, she reveals her best expert tips on how beginners and aroma professionals can use essential oils to their advantage.

For beginners: Focus on one oil and a foot bath

volant peppermint essential oil

For those discovering aromatherapy, Christina advises taking it slow. Choose one oil and carry it with you throughout the day, whether mixed with a carrier oil on your skin or in a diffuser. For more self-care, you can also stop for a moment and breathe in the scent deeply. “See what happens and what the oil does for you.”

It's important not to overdose, she says. “One drop is often enough,” advises the aromatherapist. After all, essential oils are highly dosed, and the effect can be overwhelming. For example, one student reported adding 10 drops of Japanese mint oil to a cold bath... She was cold for three days. Mint is a powerful cooling oil.

Aromatic foot bath

volant peppermint essential oil

Especially when it's cold or you're stressed, foot baths work wonders. The oil infuses your whole body and brings it to rest. You’ll also inhale the scent when you sit down.

Aromatherapy foot bath
- Fill a bowl with warm water.
- Add 1-2 drops to the bowl.
- Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes.

Warming oils for foot baths
Essential oil Lavender
Essential oil Cedarwood
- Essential oil Thyme CT Linalool
- Essential oil Ginger

Less suitable for an aromatic footbath are citrus oils, as they are top notes, or cooling oils.

For aroma pros: Warm wrap for pain

For those who have been using aromatherapy for a while, Christina has a special tip: For cramps or pain, she recommends a wrap or application with a warm, moist cloth. Wraps are especially intense because the moist heat penetrates deeper into the tissue.

How to do an aromatherapy wrap or cover:
- Fill a bowl with as much warm water as possible.
- Add 1-2 drops of essential oil.
- Place a gauze diaper or cloth in the water.
- Wring it out well and immediately place it on the painful area.
- Cover it with a towel and place another hot water bottle on top.
- Now cover and relax.

Why essential oils are especially beneficial for women

essential oil  drop in fingertip to apply topically

The power of essential oils is truly remarkable. But how can they have such a powerful effect even in small doses? 

Similar to pheromones, essential oils affect our hormones and therefore act not only on the physical level, but also on the emotional level. Depending on the application, the tiny particles of the oils enter the limbic system through the nose or through the skin into our bloodstream, where they exert their effect.

Aromatherapy offers a wide range of applications for stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and exhaustion, and is therefore equally suitable for men and women. Women, however, benefit especially from aromatherapy for menstrual cramps.

In our guide to essential oils and women's health, we highlight which oils are particularly helpful.

Essential oils can also improve body awareness. Christina sees this time and time again in her trainings and coaching sessions.

“Many people no longer feel their bodies. Through certain exercises and essential oils, we can learn to feel ourselves again, for example by rubbing them into our skin and touching ourselves.

A foot bath with essential oils is also wonderful. It allows me to feel how I feel, to relax and to recharge my batteries. Only when I have my strength can I take care of everything.”

Aromatherapy Don’ts

As great as essential oils are, there are a few things to keep in mind. Anyone using essential oils should be aware of the contraindications and side effects. In particular, use during pregnancy or with babies should be in professional hands.

Basically, the following always applies: Watch the dose. Essential oils are considered the essence of the plant.

"This essence is concentrated plant power and, in my opinion, should be used with care. I have noticed, especially in recent years, that essential oils are often used carelessly. The oils are so powerful that a single drop can have a huge effect.

When I think about how much plant material is needed for one drop, it makes me feel awe and appreciation for the plants and makes me use essential oils mindfully.”

essential oil  drop in fingertip to apply topically

Christina also instills this respect in her classes. During the training to become an aroma consultant, participants learn the basics, such as dosage and the many applications that go far beyond diffusers and roll-ons. In addition to the components of a medicine cabinet for treating many common ailments with aromatherapy, special attention is given to women's issues such as menstrual cramps, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In the AromaExpert training, Christina finally enters the energetic field, deals with the topics of end-of-life care and wound treatment and expands the repertoire of the participants with further scent profiles. Those who want to get into coaching can still complete the AromaCoach training.

And for those who just want to get a taste? She offers Aroma Evenings as an introduction. Because as Christina herself has experienced: The journey into the world of aromatherapy always begins with a first, small step.

About Christina

woman facing in front of mirror looking happy

Christina Weber is an expert in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Reiki Master & Energetic Healing, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. In her practice in Berlin she gives courses, workshops and introduces people to aromatherapy. She specializes in women and helps them to come into their power.


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