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25 Aromatherapy Websites You'll Want to Bookmark

Have you ever wondered how a smell can take you years back down memory lane and walk you through both the pleasant and painful memories of your life? You are not alone! Our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that stores memories and evokes emotion. This is in part why aromatherapy is becoming more popular these days, in addition to the fantastic benefits that it offers. The pleasant smells, like those of lavender, roses, or lilies, can help you relax and sleep better by giving you a sense of relief. Or citrus scents can energise you, helping you get a jumpstart on your day.

best aromatherapy websites

If you want to experience the amazing benefits of aromatherapy, here are 25 websites that you should bookmark:

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  • NAHA
  • The English Aromatherapist
  • Aromatherapy and Massage
  • Aromatic Wisdom Institute
  • From the Seed
  • Aromahead Institute
  • Sedona Aromatics
  • The School for Aromatic Studies
  • Floranella
  • Aroma Web
  • The Well School of Aromatherapy
  • Healing Fragrances Aromatherapy School
  • LabAroma
  • Essential Oil Recipes
  • Advantage Aromatherapy
  • International Federation of Professional
  • Holistic Arts Institute
  • Oilistic Aromatherapy
  • Shepherd Wellness
  • NZ Register of Holistic
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists
  • Aromatika
  • Aromatic Medicine Institute
  • International Federation of Aromatherapists
  • The Canadian Federation of Aroma therapists
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If you want to educate yourself better and enhance your knowledge of aromatherapy, NAHA is the right platform for you. It is a non-profit, member-based association that aims to spread awareness about the benefits of aromatherapy and provide healthcare services related to this practice. The website's content is directed towards a large audience that includes healthcare professionals, bloggers, practitioners, and in short, anyone who wants to know about aromatherapy.

2. The English Aromatherapist

The English Aromatherapist is a fantastic platform that enhances readers’ awareness about essential oils and educates seekers about their benefits. The blog posts here focus on addressing the misconceptions about aromatherapy and help you find the essential oil that is right for you and can benefit you the most.

3. Aromatherapy and Massage

Aromatherapy and Massage is an online platform run by former professional massage therapist Carol Wiley. Her interest in aromatherapy, self-care, and personal wellbeing has led to the foundation of this platform. She aims to educate on how somatics, aromatherapy, and massage can contribute to overall wellbeing and ensure a healthy, happy life. If you are looking for authentic information, you’ll hear it from the right person here!

4. Aromatic Wisdom Institute

Liz Fulcher owns the aromatic wisdom institute. She developed the platform to help people understand how vital and influential massage and aromatherapy are. She offers a wide range of online courses that focus on essential oils, massage techniques, and aromatherapies. She also uses podcasts and blog posts as means of educating audiences. She has a deep personal connection with aromatherapy, as her own life events led her down this path. Liz says, 'You never know how the Universe will present your life's path to you.'

5. From the Seed

from the seed’s website and blog offers you a platform where you can get access to information about the fantastic benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils. from the seed focuses primarily on the wellbeing of children and women’s health from puberty through to pregnancy and onto Menopause, but offers care and advice to all. from the seed runs workshops for labour support, post graduate training for aromatherapists and private aromatherapy treatments.

6. Aromahead Institute

The Aromahead Institute, also known as the school of essential oil studies, focuses on providing its students with all the benefits of essential oils, their uses, techniques, and everything that will help students grasp the full potential of the various amazing aromatherapies. Its mission is to make essential oils easy for everyone so the majority can benefit from their therapeutic outcomes. They offer certified courses and certification programs to help grow the circle of knowledgeable people.

7. Sedona Aromatics

Sedona Aromatics was founded by Sharon Falsetto, a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, writer, and editor of her blog. Her platform offers a carefully designed course titled 'Language of Aromatics' that solely focuses on the basics of aromatherapy, how aromatic plants and herbals can benefit human health, and how they can be planted. You can also buy e-books related to aromatherapy from Sedona Aromatics.

8. The School for Aromatic Studies

As the name suggests, the School for Aromatic Studies was founded to shed light on and educate others about aromatherapy and aromatic plants. The force that led to the success of this platform is Jade Shutes. Jade is a pioneer of aromatherapy in the U.S., having opened one of the first U.S. schools of aromatherapy back in 1990. She is a certified aromatherapist and has authored books regarding the benefits of aromatherapy. If you want to educate yourself with a balanced but progressive approach in all things aromatherapy, you should get yourself enrolled over here!

9. Floranella

Floranella is a place where you can learn all about herbalism and aromatherapy through interactive online programs. Through their online sessions and articles, you can learn to bring these herbs into the medicinal process. From harvesting them to turning them into aromatherapy products, you can gather all this information from Floranella. The primary instructor, Erin, is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist. You can learn a lot from her!

10. Aroma Web

AromaWeb is developed to provide extensive content and detailed information about essential oils and how their therapeutic outcomes make aromatherapy a success. Wendy Robbins is the founder. You will often see this website cited among other popular and authentic platforms for genuine information about aromatherapy and essential oils. AromaWeb is the best place to get unbiased reviews of essential oils and other aromatherapy products.

11. The Well School of Aromatherapy

If you want to get an insight into the world of holistic therapy or start your career as a professional and certified aromatherapist, the Well School of Aromatherapy is where you should get yourself enrolled. The learning process is flexible and facilitated by tutors, making it suitable for all working people. In addition, you can also shop for books about aromatherapy over here.

12. Healing Fragrances Aromatherapy School

Healing Fragrances Aromatherapy school was founded in 2002 by Danielle Sade to help people become professional aromatherapists and contribute to the world of miraculous healing. Students will learn the newest techniques of aromatherapy and how to make use of essential oils to facilitate the healing process to help them grow in the competitive world of aromatherapy. You are sure to enjoy the cutting-edge learning here!

13. LabAroma

LabAroma is a learning tool developed by Colleen Quinn to teach plant chemistry to aromatherapy businesses and herbal industries. It is available in English, French, Japanese and Portuguese and has users in 26 countries worldwide. It provides you with multiple courses, webinars, blog posts, lab learning, and a community to help you with the learning process. You can become a knowledgeable industry insider and blend plants to create something magically healing.

14. Essential Oil Recipes

As the name indicates, Essential Oil Recipes is all about teaching you the chemistry of essential oils. This platform helps you gather detailed and authentic information about aromatherapy, popular books to read, courses you should consider taking, and products that can make aromatherapy effective.

15. Advantage Aromatherapy

Advantage Aromatherapy is known to provide the best health care services, including massage, hot stone therapy, Indian head massage, reflexology, and Thermo Auricular Therapy. However, if you can’t take advantage of their Scotland-based clinic, they also have a blog on essential oils and soap-making among other topics and a unique online shop where you can get organic and therapeutic products that positively impact your health and overall wellbeing.

16. International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists

Want to become a certified aromatherapist? IFPA is the place you should head to. They offer a very unique and holistic approach while teaching their students about the basics of aromatherapy. They can also provide you with resources such as magazines and valuable links to aid your learning process. They offer various types of memberships, giving you the opportunity to become part of a wonderful team.

17. Holistic Arts Institute

Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), HAI aims to offer affordable and flexible distance learning to adult learners who want to become professional aromatherapists. The team of experts at HAI helps you understand how you can use plants to heal yourself from within and ensure a healthy mind and body.

18. Oilistic Aromatherapy

Oilistic Aromatherapy is run by Cynthia, and it is a source of comfort and emotional support for many people on their journey to recovery from traumatic events over the years. You can take advantage of her consulting services to learn how you can use customized aromatherapy blends to support your personal journey of trauma recovery. Cynthia is a first level trauma responder and has touched many lives; you can read honest client reviews on the website about how dedicated she is towards her work with children and adults who are survivors of trauma.

19. Shepherd Wellness

Shepherd Wellness is owned by Jen Shepherd, a learned coach, educator, consultant, and social worker. This website is basically a channel through which people can access her services. She strongly believes in natural healing of the mind and body, noting how inhaling an essential oil can instantly lift a person's spirits. She is the coach you will need on your wellness journey.

20. NZ Register of Holistic Aromatherapists

NZROHA is an organisation that promotes aromatherapy and the safe use of aromatic medicines. They have a team of professional, certified aromatherapists on board and will help you get authentic information. Moreover, they also have a listing of aromatic medicine suppliers in New Zealand that are authentic. The primary mission of NZROHA is to improve the standards and practices of aromatherapy by helping therapists learn new and updated aromatherapy techniques.

21. Alliance of International Aromatherapists

AIA is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2006 to represent aromatherapists. It aims to make aromatherapy accessible for people and credible resources to promote this holistic approach towards healing. AIA has many professional aromatherapists as part of its member base. Its vision is to make aromatherapy accessible for everyone around the world. The website also has a bookstore and blog from which you can access informative resources about aromatherapy and its benefits.

22. Aromatika

Aromatika is an e-journal focused on offering information about aromatherapy in an engaging and interesting manner. Its information is suitable and easy to understand for every level of learner. Those who want to learn about the miraculous and healing nature of aromatherapy and essential oils are likely to benefit from this journal the most. If you want to know all about the secrets of natural healing, visit the website to learn more!

23. Aromatic Medicine Institute

If you are looking for an authentic platform to learn all about aroma science, reflexology, and aromatherapy, the Aromatic Medicine Institute will put an end to your search. Offering the highest quality education of this sort in Australasia, you can take introductory courses on aromatherapy and reflexology or take certification or diploma courses in both that are recognized in New Zealand, the UK, and internationally. Shelley Monrad, the principal of the Institute, has 25 years of experience in the field and ensures that the quality of education remains intact.

24. International Federation of Aromatherapists

IFA is a principal accrediting body for aromatherapy professionals based in the UK, with 56 accredited schools internationally. If you’re looking for reliable, professional information on the safe use of aromatherapy and its benefits or if you’re looking to certify in the field, turn here. They have good resources and recipes available on their site, an educational magazine you can subscribe to, and offer conferences and educational webinars to their members. So if you’re just curious or you’re looking to begin a career in the field of aromatherapy, this is a reliable place to start.

25. The Canadian Federation of Aroma therapists

CFA is one of the most significant aromatherapy associations in Canada. This non-profit and volunteer-based organisation has a mission to promote and encourage the practice of aromatherapy. It reaches a wide range of audiences globally through its books, educational webinars, and blogs. CFA is undoubtedly playing its part in setting the standards for aromatherapy to provide people with the best practices.

The Bottom Line

All of the websites listed above are authentic and provide you with all the information you might want to know about aromatherapy and the products used. From finding the right consultant to getting to know the secrets behind this excellent therapy, you can learn it all by browsing through these websites. Aromatherapy can do wonders for your mind and body; make sure to give it a try and experience the ultimate healing of your body, mind and soul. The cure for your mental and physical healing might be just a few clicks away!

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