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Can you gift essential oils? 6 ideas for aromatherapy gifts

It’s that time of year when you’re probably beginning to consider the best gifts for those special people in your life. You might be looking for something unique, with personality and meaning, because you want them to know just how much you care for them.

When you’ve known someone for a long time, it can become increasingly challenging to think of new and exciting ideas for gifts. This may lead you to wonder: “Can you gift essential oils?”

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Essential oils make the perfect gift for just about anyone. But which essential oils make the best gifts, and how do you know which ones to choose for your loved one? After all, the last thing you want is to buy a gift that won’t be used.

 Let’s look at what we think are some of the best aromatherapy gifts for that special person in your life, helping you to select a gift that they’ll love. Remember: you won’t just be gifting your loved one an aromatherapy set - you’ll be gifting them the health and wellness benefits that come with using essential oils, a thoughtful gift indeed.

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Gifting essential oils

Before you begin searching for the perfect gift, think about your special person and exactly what it is that they need in their lives. Do they work long hours and need to take some time to unwind? Or do they run around after their children all day, playing the role of taxi driver, and need a full body massage with essential oils?

Whatever it is they need to make them feel re-energised and relaxed, there will be a perfect essential oil for their needs. The best thing about gifting essential oils is that you know they will be used and enjoyed by the lucky recipient. What better way to treat your friend or family member than to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing?

Let’s take a look at some of the best essential oil gifts, whether you’re shopping for Christmas, a birthday or just because.

1. Aromatherapy starter kit

If your gift recipient hasn’t yet discovered the wonderful world of essential oils alongside the endless benefits they offer, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them. By opening their eyes to the benefits of essential oils, you can help to improve both their mental and physical wellbeing.

A great way to introduce someone to essential oils is by putting together a starter kit of essential oils. This should consist of some of the most popular essential oils, along with a diffuser. This will allow your loved one to try different aromas at home and start to experiment with finding the right scents for them and their space.

First of all, give the gift a personal touch by carefully selecting a volant diffuser that you think would best coincide with their home decor and personality. Do they have a particular colour scheme or theme in their home you want to stick with? A diffuser is a gift that just keeps on giving and which can be enjoyed for years on end, so ensure you choose a high-quality diffuser with features such as adjustable intervals and automatic switch-off to allow for maximum flexibility.

Ensure your loved one knows how to maintain their diffuser to get a long-lasting life out of this elegant gift and reduce first-time user apprehension so they can start using it right away.

Pair the diffuser perfectly with one of volant’s essential oil sets to allow them to get started with using their diffuser immediately. Sets to choose from include the relaxing set, the everyday essentials set, the citrus boost set or the energising set.

For beginners to essential oils, we’d recommend the everyday essentials set, which consists of the Energy, Focus, Relax and Sleep blends. This versatile set of essential oils offers something for all tastes and will enable your loved one to try using essential oils at different times of the day, without having to research different individual oils.

By gifting your loved one an essential oil starter kit, you’re providing them with everything they need to kickstart a love for essential oils or to upgrade a current user to high-quality products. There really is something to satisfy everyone’s needs and personalities, regardless of their tastes and preferences.

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2. Meditation/yoga kit

Meditation and yoga allow you to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. This increases your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, allowing you to reduce stress build-up in your mind and improve sleep patterns.

In recent years, the popularity of both yoga and meditation have increased exponentially as more studies have proven the numerous physical and mental benefits they can provide. This improved concentration and understanding of your innermost emotions can lead to a more positive outlook, increased self-discipline and even increased pain tolerance.

If your loved one has already embraced the benefits that yoga can bring, introducing them to essential oils may seem like a natural step to further enhance their wellbeing. Volant’s Breathe blend of essential oils is ideal for use during yoga, enabling your lucky recipient to get the most out of their self-care time.

Breathe contains wild orange, lavender, copaiba and magnolia essential oils, to calm and relax your soul whilst helping you to find your inner peace as you practice yoga. The natural and vegan ingredients within this blend are sourced from Brazil, Bulgaria and India, infused with exotic aromas that will transport you to a tropical island. Pair this with a diffuser, a yoga mat or even a meditation CD to create the ultimate yoga gift set for your loved one.

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3. Relaxation kit

For that friend that’s always on the go and needs to take a moment just for themselves, a relaxation kit could make the ideal gift. This will provide them with the excuse they’re looking for to indulge in some well-deserved self-care. After all, a kind reminder from a friend may be just what they need to give their body a much-needed time out to recover and rejuvenate.

Volant’s relaxing set of essential oils is filled with aromas that nurture comfort and calm to immediately transport both the body and the mind to a place of tranquillity and relaxation. This calming set contains the Relax, Breathe, Unwind and Spa essential oil blends, which have all been specially designed to help you take a step back from the commotion of everyday life.

For example, the Relax blend combines the floral aromas of palmarosa, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, and grapefruit. This enables you to create the peacefully calm atmosphere of a private flower garden right within the comforting walls of your own home.

It is extremely important that we allow both our bodies and minds time to recover from the stresses of everyday life, yet this is something that so many of us quickly forget or put to the back of our minds once life starts to become hectic again after the New Year. Remind your recipient to set time out for themselves daily or weekly to suit their schedule and they’ll be sure to thank you for it once their bodies are feeling restored and energised, ready to take on whatever life brings.

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4. Skincare special

There’s nothing that says self-care more than taking care of your skin. Throughout the day and night, you’re consistently shedding skin cells all over your body and hence, it is essential you keep it hydrated and glowing. Maintaining radiant skin that’s well cared for gives you a youthful presence since with age, your skin cells begin to regenerate slower, unfortunately giving a duller and less vibrant appearance. By gifting your friends or loved ones essential oils that they can combine with their favourite moisturiser, you’re ultimately gifting them the confidence boost they need to feel at their best.

The essential oil spruce is a great choice for a gift, as it has a soothing effect on both the skin and the muscles. This woody and festive scent can be mixed with a carrier oil for an aromatherapy massage or added to your favourite moisturiser as a boost to your usual skincare routine. Just remind your lucky recipient to take care and complete a patch test the first time, particularly if they have sensitive skin.

Cedarwood is another great essential oil for skin, creating a gifting duo that can be used simultaneously or independently. With deeply moisturising and cleansing properties, cedarwood is a great choice for leaving skin feeling silky and fresh.

With their warm and calming aromas, spruce and cedarwood are the ideal gifting combo for those cold months, to be enjoyed whilst indulging in cosy nights in. You can pair these essential oils with a luxurious moisturiser, bath mitt or a bottle of nourishing jojoba oil for the perfect skincare gift set.

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5. At-home spa package

If your loved one is in need of relaxation but doesn’t have the time to go to a spa, you can help them to bring the spa experience to their own homes with an at-home spa package. This will consist of all of the essential oils they need to recreate the spa in their own homes.

The ideal selection of essential oil blends include Spa, Ocean and Pick Me Up. These three blends of essential oils will set the spa mood perfectly, as well as give your lucky recipient the flexibility to use the oils in a range of different spa treatments.

We’d also recommend giving your loved one a card with ideas of how they can use their essential oils to create their perfect spa day. Here are just a few ideas that you could include:

•     Mix a few drops of Spa essential oil blend with your favourite carrier oil and add it to your bath to soothe your aching muscles and relax your mind.

•     Add a few drops of Pick Me Up essential oil blend to a carrier oil and enjoy an aromatherapy massage that will enlighten your senses and give you a renewed sense of energy.

•     Freshen your towels and bedding by spritzing them with a few drops of Ocean essential oil blend combined with water.

•     Add a few drops of Pick Me Up essential oil blend to the bottom of your shower to feel reinvigorated and energised at any time of day.

•     Add a few drops of Spa essential oil to your favourite conditioner and lavish your hair with this DIY hair mask. Leave it on for an hour before washing off to reveal your silky and shiny locks.

•     Diffuse your favourite essential oil blend while you take time out for yourself, whether that’s reading a book, listening to a podcast or doing some yoga.

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6. Sweet shop selection

For those friends with a sweet tooth, treat them to a bundle of essential oils with delicious aromas to help curb their cravings and sweeten up their homes. Sweet scents are psychologically associated with happiness, helping us to feel upbeat every time we inhale them.

Start with sweet orange which, when diffused, fills the room with an uplifting and energising aroma, taking you straight back to your happiest memories. Used daily, sweet orange essential oil helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and energise the mind, leaving you feeling revitalised and carefree.

Peppermints are a traditional candy often eaten at Christmas. This makes peppermint the perfect scent for invoking happy memories. But peppermint essential oil is also known for its ability to encourage clarity and focus. The refreshing scent of peppermint helps you to concentrate on tasks and helps to unblock the senses, giving you an increased sense of awareness of both your body and the space around you. This makes peppermint essential oil perfect for enjoying alone when focus is required, or when having guests over to help create an energising and dynamic environment where everyone feels ready to socialise.

Finish off your selection by adding some organic lemongrass essential oil, with its sweet and fresh yet smoky aroma. The aroma of lemongrass makes any space feel clean and enlivened and is even perfect for using around doors and windows as a bug repellent for those who hate creepy crawlies! When diffused, lemongrass has antibacterial properties and is a tonic to the body, helping you to stay fit and healthy throughout the year and helping you to defend yourself from any oncoming illnesses. It will also brighten your mood and help you feel like a ray of sunshine!

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In summary

With a huge selection of essential oils to choose from with a wide variety of benefits, there really is the perfect gift for everyone when it comes to essential oils. From first-time essential oil users to those who are already experienced with aromatherapy, essential oils make the perfect gift, whether you choose a pre-designed set or create your own personalised bundle.

We’re proud that our diffusers here at volant are of the very highest quality available on the market, crafted with innovative technology to ensure optimum results with minimum effort and stress. Providing added features such as optional intervals and automatic switch-off once complete, our award-winning diffusers not only look the part but are also designed for ease of use, so you can get the most out of using them daily.

In addition to this, all of our essential oils are 100% pure, natural, vegan, non-toxic and organic so you can gift them freely without worrying about harmful toxins or additives. Our products are not tested on animals and we take every possible step in production and shipping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Gifting essential oils is an amazing way to show your love and appreciation to that special someone, whilst introducing them to the health and wellness benefits of aromatherapy. Get creative and put together the perfect essential oil gift for your loved one!

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