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Transform the Sauna with Essential Oils

Using essential oils in the sauna is popular, and here you will learn how to use essential oils to enhance your sauna experience.

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Using a sauna is enjoyable to begin with, but it can be made even better when combined with essential oils. To use aromatherapy in a sauna, you need to know how to use essential oils and which essential oils are best suited.

How to use essential oils in the sauna

Before using the oil, it must be diluted in water. The most common method is to add a few drops of essential oil to the water bucket in the sauna. When you then pour the water over the hot stones, the steam will give a pleasant scent. Diluting the oil in water reduces intense exposure since essential oils have strong aromas, and it is also safer, reducing the risk of flammability.

Sauna and aromatherapy are a good combination. Due to the pleasant aroma of the essential oil in the steam, saunas become an ideal place to use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy in saunas is experienced as relaxing to the body and enhances well-being. 

Photo: Fran Hogan

Recommended Essential Oils

To get the most out of your sauna experience, you can use different types of essential oils. The most important thing is to test and find some favourites. Here are some of our favourites:


The most popular oil to use in saunas is eucalyptus. This refreshing oil can be experienced as relieving stress and boosting your energy in everyday life. Eucalyptus emits a fresh scent that seems to penetrate deep into the lungs, and many people find that eucalyptus is effective against colds. Eucalyptus is cleansing and is therefore used in spas to keep the air clean.

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Lavender is a favourite among many. The oil is known for its soothing properties and is very beneficial in the sauna for a general sense of well-being. The aroma can help you calm down, especially during times of stress. Sitting back and relaxing in a lavender-scented sauna is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience.

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Tea Tree 

Tea tree oil is experienced as cleansing in the body and is an attractive oil choice for saunas. Tea Tree is known to prevent certain types of bacterial growth. Many people therefore choose to use the oil when they feel a cold coming on since its antiseptic effects may help your body fight it off.

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Other options

In addition to these, other essential oils that can also be used in the sauna include:

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The choice of essential oils for the sauna depends upon your preferences. Of course, you can even mix different oils. Volant has, for example, a blend of spruce, pine, fir and thuja essential oils called Cabin. This blend gives a fresh and natural aroma, being inspired by the feeling and smells of untouched Nordic nature. If you have a sauna in a cabin or if you just long for the smell of the field, then volant’s organic Cabin blend is the right choice.

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