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The UK's Best Home Influencer Awards

Who are the hottest British home influencers? Who deserves an award for their incredible accounts? And who should you be following online? Get ready to find out - because we’ve rounded up the top UK home influencers that are giving us the home decor inspiration we need.

As a leading purveyor of diffusers that complement home aesthetics and 100% pure organic essential oils, it makes sense that Volant has created its own UK Best Home Influencer Awards. Not only are we acknowledging the top contender in the UK overall, but we’re also recognising influencers that are doing the most for home décor aesthetics in each of the following categories:

Categories/Quick links

  • Small (Less than 25,000 followers)
  • Medium (25,000 -100,000 followers)
  • Large (100,000+ followers)
  • DIY Home
  • Sustainable
  • Minimalistic
  • Vintage

We’ve chosen the list of nominees based on the quality of their content, commitment to sustainability and audience reach. Ranging from minimalist homes, right through to the DIYers, our awards recognise the UK influencers that have made a tremendous contribution to the industry.


The rising stars of the home interior world, these influencers are growing their reach by sharing home décor inspiration, DIY tips and so much more. These are the up-and-coming home inspiration trendsetters to watch.

1. Clem | Home and Garden

Instagram Handle: @insideclemshome
Instagram Followers: 22,500

2. Emma Gurner

Instagram Handle: @em.gurner
Instagram Followers: 19,500

3. Emma Ainscough

Instagram Handle:  @emma__ainscough
Instagram Followers:  22,900

4. Holly | Renovation & interiors

Instagram Handle:  @holly_homestyle
Instagram Followers:  21,000

5. Maryanne Hawes Abstract Artist

Instagram Handle:  @maryanne.hawes.artist
Instagram Followers:  12,100

6. Barbara

Instagram Handle: @frenchfamilyhome
Instagram Followers: 21,900

7. Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

Instagram Handle: @laurengilberthorpeinteriors
Instagram Followers: 18,100

8. Helen Booth - Artist

Instagram Handle:  @helenboothartist
Instagram Followers:  18,100

9. Lauren 💙💛 HRH

Instagram Handle:  @house_renovation_herts
Instagram Followers:  13,900

10. Lisa | Home & Lifestyle 🌸🍃

Instagram Handle:  @lisashomejourney
Instagram Followers:  16,400

11. Kate Coyle

Instagram Handle:  @our.1930s.semi
Instagram Followers:  12,200

12. Daisy

Instagram Handle:  @daisyathome_
Instagram Followers:  13,500

13. 🌸Vina (Content Creator🎥)

Instagram Handle:  @welcometoourabode
Instagram Followers:  15,000

14. Sophie & Beth

Instagram Handle:  @two_girls_one_home
Instagram Followers:  15,600

15. Lisa | Interior Design & Decor

Instagram Handle:  @sunny_inside_out_interiors
Instagram Followers:  11,800

16. Helen 🌺 Home and Interiors Blog

Instagram Handle:  @thechocolateboxhouse
Instagram Followers:  15,600

17. 🙋‍♀️ | Sami

Instagram Handle:  @samis_snapshots
Instagram Followers:  12,200

18. Jasmine

Instagram Handle:  @homebyjasmine
Instagram Followers:  13,200


From modern home interiors to home organizing and décor, these influencers are setting trends and helping their followers to incorporate them. They’ve got great quality content that’s kept current.

1. Calsey

Instagram Handle:  @at.home.with.missb
Instagram Followers:  40,000

2. Vicki

Instagram Handle: @our_little_doer_upper
Instagram Followers: 52,700

3. The Northern Home - Sarah - Interior Styling

Instagram Handle: @thenorthernhome_
Instagram Followers: 51,900

4. Amy at The Gables

Instagram Handle:  @firststepontheladder
Instagram Followers:  83,100

5. K A Y L A

Instagram Handle:  @newbuild_house_to_home
Instagram Followers:  50,900

6. Aimée - The House of Waffle

Instagram Handle: @thehouseofwaffle
Instagram Followers: 34,500

7. Amber Kaye

Instagram Handle:  @aflairforthelair
Instagram Followers:  24,900

8. L

Instagram Handle: @edwardiansemi
Instagram Followers: 27,600

9. Mo

Instagram Handle: @mo_morshuis
Instagram Followers: 80,700

10. Flora Soames

Instagram Handle: @florasoames
Instagram Followers: 39,900


Home décor influencers in this category have made a huge impression with their incredible up-to-date content. Featuring everything from home décor ideas to sustainable home inspiration, they always deliver something fresh.

1. Ellie @ journeytoforeverhome ✨

Instagram Handle:  @journeytoforeverhome
Instagram Followers:  101,000

2. Kim 💕

Instagram Handle: @prettyinpinksquares
Instagram Followers: 127,000

3. 🌸 Lou 🌸

Instagram Handle: @loushomelife
Instagram Followers: 107,000

4. Home Decor & Interior Inspiration

Instagram Handle: @homeofcc
Instagram Followers: 106,000

5. Laura

Instagram Handle: @houseproject_36
Instagram Followers: 147,000

6. Syeda 🤍

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers:  208,000

7. Sarah 🌿

Instagram Handle: @our_1930srenovation_story
Instagram Followers: 111,000

8. The Home Of Lydia & Ali

Instagram Handle: @lydiamillenhome
Instagram Followers: 329,000

9. Kate Watson-Smyth

Instagram Handle: @mad_about_the_house 
Instagram Followers: 275,000

10. Katie Woods

Instagram Handle:  @comedowntothewoods
Instagram Followers:  262,000

11. Lisa🦉🦋

Instagram Handle: @barn_owls_and_butterflies
Instagram Followers: 124,000

12. Sarah / interiors / relaxed maximalism

Instagram Handle:  @ahometomakeyousmile
Instagram Followers:  507,000

13. Abi Hugo

Instagram Handle: @thewhitethistle
Instagram Followers: 125,000

14. Lucy

Instagram Handle: @at_lucys_house
Instagram Followers: 132,000

15. Abigail Ahern

Instagram Handle: @abigailahern
Instagram Followers: 233,000

DIY Home

From DIY décor to home renovation ideas, there’s no shortage of do-it-yourself inspiration online. The DIY home influencers who top this list not only feature great ideas, but they also provide easy-to-follow instructions and how-tos.

1. Carla. My Yorkshire Home

Instagram Handle: @lovely.cuppa.tea
Instagram Followers: 14,000

2. Sarah 💫

Instagram Handle: @mynorthernabode
Instagram Followers: 14,800

3. 🤍 Stacy, Dan & William 🤍

Instagram Handle:
Instagram Followers: 19,600

4. Lindsay Jayne

Instagram Handle: @ourlittlewelshhomewithlove
Instagram Followers: 19,400

5. Sam | Interiors • DIY • Crafts

Instagram Handle:  @dove_cottage
Instagram Followers:  65,900

6. Ginny

Instagram Handle: @ginpalace19
Instagram Followers: 19,700

7. Home Interior & Cooking

Instagram Handle: @norfolkavenue
Instagram Followers: 16,600


Instagram Handle: @my.home.sanctuary
Instagram Followers: 20,700

9. Lauren Post

Instagram Handle: @thelittleterracedhouse
Instagram Followers: 21,500

10. Wendy

Instagram Handle: @house_on_tweed_avenue
Instagram Followers: 14,800

11. Helen Esposito

Instagram Handle: @espo_inspo
Instagram Followers: 12,000

12. Jen

Instagram Handle: @halfpaintedhouse
Instagram Followers: 90,600

13. Faith and Andy

Instagram Handle: @faithmitchellinteriors
Instagram Followers: 30,700

14. Jo

Instagram Handle: @thelittleterracedhouse
Instagram Followers: 22,800

15. Kelly | DIY, Upcycles & Interiors | Sheffield

Instagram Handle: @houseatnumber30
Instagram Followers: 33,800


In an increasingly cluttered world, a minimalist home is something many people aspire to. The top influencers in this category provide ample inspiration for minimalist home décor that’s on trend and fabulously functional.

1. Ria

Instagram Handle: @theharper_home
Instagram Followers: 186,000

2. Courtnie Arkell ♡

Instagram Handle: @cxurtniehome
Instagram Followers: 30,200

3. Becky | Neutral Home Interior

Instagram Handle: @rmw.home
Instagram Followers: 64,200

4. Louise

Instagram Handle:  @stephensonlodge
Instagram Followers:  77,300

5. Lucia Smith Home

Instagram Handle:  @luciamaysmithhome
Instagram Followers:  23,500

6. Khome&life

Instagram Handle: @khomelife
Instagram Followers: 22,200

7. L I N Z I

Instagram Handle:  @ourlittle_renovation
Instagram Followers:  23,300

8. Sophie 🤍

Instagram Handle: @sophieshomeofgreyandchrome
Instagram Followers: 17,300

9. Maryam • Interior Inspiration

Instagram Handle: @maryamshome
Instagram Followers: 13,400

10. Natalie 🤍

Instagram Handle:  @styled_bynat
Instagram Followers:  52,900

11. Nina Pethers

Instagram Handle: @ninapeths
Instagram Followers: 16,400

12. Sinead Crowes Home

Instagram Handle: @sineadcrowehome
Instagram Followers: 11,800

13. Cara - Gin, Travel, Interiors, Content Creator

Instagram Handle: @ginandinteriors
Instagram Followers: 14,200

14. Rachel 

Instagram Handle: @buttonandbark
Instagram Followers: 17,400

15. Lauren

Instagram Handle:  @stylingmygallery
Instagram Followers:  22,300

16. Shannen

Instagram Handle: @no.sixty.eight
Instagram Followers: 73,600

17. l a u r e n

Instagram Handle: @cxurtniehome
Instagram Followers: 22,200


Sustainability never goes out of style, and it’s not just about design choices, it’s a complete lifestyle. From sustainable home renovation to interior home décor, these eco-conscious influencers stand out from the crowd.

1. Lauren

Instagram Handle:  @from_house_to_home_84
Instagram Followers:  24,100

2. Gemma

Instagram Handle: @alizeslifestyle
Instagram Followers: 26,300

3. The Velvet Home // Interiors & Home Decor

Instagram Handle: @the_velvet_home
Instagram Followers: 21,800

4. Micaela Sharp Design

Instagram Handle: @micaelasharpdesign
Instagram Followers: 27,600

5. Sharon - A Story of Home

Instagram Handle:  @a_story_of_home
Instagram Followers:  42,200

6. Daisy | Mud, Wellies and Moor

Instagram Handle:  @mudwelliesandmoor
Instagram Followers:  15,600

7. Francesca

Instagram Handle:  @1lavendercottage
Instagram Followers:  21,000

8. Isabel Metelsky Home

Instagram Handle:  @home_with_isabel
Instagram Followers:  21,500

9. Nadine | Broadleafclose

Instagram Handle:  @broadleafclose
Instagram Followers:  14,700

10. Louise Condon Designs

Instagram Handle: @ceramic_botanist
Instagram Followers: 15,900

11. Eleanor Lakelin

Instagram Handle: @eleanorlakelin
Instagram Followers: 17,700

12. Helen Parker

Instagram Handle: @hapdesigns
Instagram Followers: 29,700

13. Hayley

Instagram Handle: @homeiswherethepackis
Instagram Followers: 20,400


The vintage trend has been fashionable for a while now, and it keeps on growing. These influencers are leading the way with their incredible home interior ideas that focus on incorporating items from older eras.

1. Laura Hunter

Instagram Handle: @nofeaturewalls
Instagram Followers: 30,000

2. Kathie~The Fairytale Cottage

Instagram Handle: @the_koo_koo_nest_
Instagram Followers: 43,700

3. Joanna MacKinnon- Isle of Skye

Instagram Handle:  @bealach_uige_bothy
Instagram Followers:  25,500

4. Sharon 🦋

Instagram Handle:  @cosylittlehaven
Instagram Followers:  46,400

5. Rachel, Claude, and Raphael

Instagram Handle:  @claudeandthehouse
Instagram Followers:  16,200

6. Sarah

Instagram Handle:  @restoration_drama
Instagram Followers:  21,600

7. Collette @ The Vintage Trader

Instagram Handle:  @thevintagetraderuk
Instagram Followers:  13,900

8. Cherry Vintage Home

Instagram Handle:  @cherryvintagehome
Instagram Followers:  25,500

9. Danielle •interiors•Family

Instagram Handle:  @ahomefitforkings
Instagram Followers:  67,800

10. Emma Jamieson

Instagram Handle:  @lovinglinden
Instagram Followers:  37,600

11. Louisa Sugden

Instagram Handle:  @elegantlyknackeredstyle
Instagram Followers:  19,600

12. Emily 🙋🏻‍♀️ | Interior Styling & DIY

Instagram Handle: @the_scruff_house
Instagram Followers: 25,500

Recognising excellence in UK home decor influencers

These awards serve to recognise the most amazing home décor aesthetics influencers in the UK. They’re making the world of interiors a better-looking place one room at a time. Be sure and give them a follow if you’re looking for how-tos when it comes to minimalist homes or any other amazing images to get your creative juices flowing.

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