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Uncover the secret to choosing the perfect scent for your home

Your home is a place that is personal to you. Your safe place, where you relax and let your guard down. A place where your personality shines through and you are proud to call your home.

The smell of your home is one of the first things that people notice when they walk through your front door. Getting the aroma right helps you to make a lasting first impression of your home, setting the atmosphere from the second your guests arrive.

Read on to discover how you can create the perfect aroma throughout your home.  

How to choose the right scent for your home

We all have different tastes when it comes to our favourite aromas. Some people enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender whilst others prefer the invigorating smell of sweet orange. The scents you enjoy probably also depend on the mood you’re in and what you’re doing.

Whatever scents you love, we have the perfect essential oils for you. We’ve put together our recommendations for each room of your house, to enhance your living experience and give you pride to welcome guests into your home.  

Essential oils for your hallway

The hallway, porch or entrance foyer is the first room of your home that guests experience. It’s important to get the aroma in your hallway right so that you can leave a lasting impression.

A fresh and pleasant scent is perfect for your hallway, welcoming your guests to your home without overpowering them. Keeping the aroma neutral and bright means that everybody will love it, whatever their personal tastes.

Citrus-scented oils such as lemon, lime, grapefruit or bergamot work well in the hallway. You can pair a citrus-based oil with a floral scent such as geranium or lavender to uplift your guests, putting them in a great mood for their visit.  

Essential oils for your kitchen

The first thing to consider when choosing an essential oil blend for your kitchen is what type of atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a clean and invigorating scent or something that creates a warm and cosy ambience?

If you’re looking for something that gives a clean and hygienic vibe, we recommend the Volant Energy blend. This organic blend of essential oils contains grapefruit, juniper, bergamot and lime, evoking a feeling of fresh energy in your kitchen. If you want to create an invigorating and energetic vibe, Volant Energy is the aromatherapy blend for you.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit warmer to give your kitchen that cosy feel, cinnamon essential oil is a great choice. The cinnamon aroma invokes a feeling of comfort, warmth and wellbeing. It could easily be mistaken for freshly baked bread or cakes, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen.

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Essential oils for your lounge

The lounge is a room where you might gather with friends or sit down at the end of a day to relax in front of the television. It’s also a room where you might like to show off your personality or experiment with different scents depending on your mood.

If you’re entertaining friends in your living room, you might choose a warm and welcoming scent such as vanilla, pine or sweet orange. These scents are great for greet your guests warmly and making them feel at home right away, without being overpowering.

If you’re retiring to the living room at the end of a tough day, you’re looking to unwind. The Relax blend of essential oils contains grapefruit, ylang-ylang, palmarosa and eucalyptus – the perfect combination for ultimate relaxation.

Essential oils for your dining room

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’re likely to be using your dining room and you want to be sure that it smells great. You need to choose a scent that will welcome your guests, stimulate conversation and set the atmosphere without overpowering the aroma of your food. It can be a difficult balance to maintain.

The key here is making sure that you avoid strong odours that could divert the focus away from the food, so avoid scents such as peppermint or gingers.

Essential oils such as bergamot and sweet orange appeal to most people without being overwhelming. Diffuse these scents around the room to bring a bright and happy atmosphere to the room and get your guests talking.  

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Essential oils for your bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you relax and sleep. It’s probably the room of the house where you spend the most time, so it’s important to get it right. Not only do you want to choose an aroma that smells good, but you also want a relaxing oil to get you ready for a good night’s sleep.

Volant’s organic Sleep blend is perfect for using in a bedroom. This blend of essential oils combines bergamot, lavender, frankincense and chamomile - perfect for helping you to achieve a restful night of sleep. You can add the essential oil to a diffuser or mix it with water and use a spray bottle to spritz the blend over your pillow.

Learn more about how you can use essential oils to relax here.

If intimacy and romance is what you’re looking for, try essential oils such as jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and sandalwood. These sweet, intoxicating aromas are perfect for creating a sensual mood and inducing romance.

Essential oils for your bathroom

The main goal when it comes to your bathroom is to keep it smelling fresh and clean. This is why so many people choose to have air fresheners in their bathrooms. However, you can move away from the synthetic fragrances of air fresheners and choose natural and organic essential oils to scent your bathroom instead.

Essential oils such as lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree have antibacterial properties whilst ensuring that your bathroom stays smelling clean and hygienic. You can also opt for scents such as pine, fir or grapefruit for a natural aroma which keeps your bathroom feeling fresh.

If you’re planning a calm and relaxing bath after a long and tough day at work, lavender essential oil may be the right choice for you. You can add lavender oil to a diffuser in your bathroom to fill the room with a relaxing aroma. You can also choose to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a carrier oil and add it directly to your bath water for a calming scent which will prepare you for a peaceful night of sleep.

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Essential oils for your study or home office

When you’re working in your home office or study, you need to focus but it’s not always easy when you’re working from home. There can be many distractions in your home from the children playing loudly to the fridge calling your name.

However, there are many essential oils to choose from to boost your productivity and help you to focus, whether you’re trying to put the finishing touches on a presentation for an important meeting or getting your accounts in order.

Essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary or basil can help to raise your mood and clear your head. These oils will also help you to focus, giving you a boost in concentration and productivity when you need it the most.

Learn more about how essential oils could boost your productivity here.

Essential oils for your patio or terrace

If you’re entertaining your guests outdoors or having a candlelit glass of wine on the terrace, you might be looking for a scent to set the mood.

You can complement the seasons by choosing a corresponding scent. In spring and summer, choose floral aromas such as geranium, lime, lemon, rose or lavender essential oils. These scents are light and uplifting, ideal for those warm summer evenings.

In the autumn or winter, choose more sturdy aromas such as orange, nutmeg or frankincense. These scents will give you the feeling of warmth when the weather is cooler.

Volant’s Cabin blend is also ideal for use outdoors, especially if you live in an urban area. This essential oil blend contains spruce, pine, fir and thuja oils, creating the aroma of untouched Scandinavian nature.  

How to use essential oils around your home

There are many different ways that you can bring aromatherapy into your home. From diffusers to candles and room sprays to humidifiers, there is a perfect solution for every home.

Diffusers are designed especially for use with essential oils. There are many different types of diffuser, including diffusers which are heated by a candle, reed diffusers and electrical diffusers. The general advice is to add between three and five drops of essential oil for each 100ml of water that you use.

Diffusers are ideal when you want to continuously disperse an aroma around the whole of your room.

Find out more about diffusers here.

If you want to target specific areas with your essential oil, for example your bed or sofa, you can add a few drops of essential oil into a spray bottle and top it up with warm water. The solution can then be sprayed onto your furniture, carpets or around your room.

This type of spray is perfect for keeping in the bathroom as an air freshener or for spraying lavender oil over your pillow every night before bed. However, it’s always best to do a patch test before covering your best carpets or furniture to ensure that a negative reaction doesn’t occur.

You can also add pure, organic essential oils to your favourite candle. Light the candle and wait until the wax begins to melt. Add a drop of essential oil into the hot wax, avoiding the wick and wait for the aroma to be released. Never add alcohol-based ingredients such as perfume or air freshener to a candle as these can be extremely flammable.

If you have a humidifier in your home, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the humidifier water. This will disperse your favourite aroma around your home, leaving it smelling great.  

Safety precautions for using aromatherapy around your home

Although essential oils can make your home smell amazing, there are also a few safety precautions that you should be aware of before getting stuck in.

Some aromatherapy essential oils are contraindicated for use during pregnancy or for people who have certain health conditions such as epilepsy or high blood pressure. It’s always best to check with your medical provider or a qualified aromatherapist before deciding on the right essential oils for your home if you have any medical issues.

It’s also important to take care when using essential oils in your home if you have pets or children. Certain essential oils can be harmful if ingested, so be sure to keep your diffuser out of reach of your pets and your children.

Make sure you don’t leave burning candles unattended as they can be a fire hazard. For this reason, it’s best to choose diffusers or room sprays in your bedroom to reduce the risk of falling asleep whilst a candle is burning.  

Take away message

Essential oils can leave your home smelling fantastic, whilst contributing to the atmosphere. You can choose an aroma to complement each room of your house, giving your guests a lasting impression of your home.

To allow your personality to shine through, you can try blending your favourite scents together to create your own personal aroma for each room. Continue to experiment with different essential oils until you find your perfect scent.  

If you need help or advice with choosing essential oils to complement your home, you can contact an aroma expert at for assistance.

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