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Most Influential People in Aromatherapy 2022

Researched and written by Ezequiel Aranguren

Are you looking to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy? Following the right experts is a great way to start. In a field of many different voices and opinions, some less trustworthy than others, this can be challenging.

To help you, we’ve researched and listed the top 50 aromatherapy experts you should follow in 2022. They’re ranked based on their depth of expertise and influence in the field.

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Robert Tisserand is an international speaker, educator and consultant on the science and benefits of essential oils and their safe and effective application. Essential oils are the heart of his brand, forming the roots from which his brand has grown, he understands essential oils like no other.

Passionate about improving well-being, his company today brings together a unique team of UK-based experts, who source, blend and procure the finest quality essential oils from their offices in West Sussex.

For some, Robert is the final word on essential oils, as well as the primary myth buster and advocate.

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