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Aromatherapy at Work

A secret productivity hack is to use aromatherapy at work. Essential oils can boost your energy and reduce stress, enhance your mood, and increase your focus.

How does aromatherapy work?

According to Entrepreneur, smell is the strongest sense and is best able to affect brain activity. The sense of smell is directly connected to the areas of the brain that process learning and emotions. For some, aromatherapy can even support a healthy blood pressure.

By utilising the power of fragrance, you can take control of your mental and emotional state at work. A study from Takasago (may be biased) found that with citrus oils in the air, 54% fewer typos were made.

Many companies are now introducing aromatherapy as part of their office wellness programs. It can be a great way to de-stress and increase focus in a hectic office environment. 

How to use the oils in the office

There are many ways to use essential oils. We have found the ones that are best suited for the office. If you want to read about more ways to use essential oils, you can read our blog about user tips for essential oils.

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Most effective: An aroma diffuser

Aroma diffusers are the easiest way to use essential oils in everyday life. Look for diffusers that are "ultrasonic". Consider how much diffusing power you are looking for. The rest of the office may not want the scent you use. Pour the indicated amount of water into your diffuser and use approx. 10 drops of oil per 100 ml of water.

Apply to pulse points

Aromatherapy oils can be mixed with neutral carrier oils and applied to pulse points on the wrist, neck and temples for immediate effects. Do not use pure, undilited essential oils directly on the skin (a term known as neat). You can dilute them in a 5 to 1 solution with water or carrier oil (read more about carrier oils here) to apply the oil safely.

As lotion

Lotion mixed with essential oils can be massaged onto the skin to add the benefits of the aroma to the air and of the oils to the skin.

Essential oil spray

Add 10 drops of essential oil in a small spray bottle filled with water and shake vigorously. Spray on your face or body. Be careful not to get essential oil in your eyes, nose or mouth when spraying.

In the ventilation system

If the entire office wants to take advantage of aromatherapy, it is possible to use the ventilation system as a diffuser. Replace the filter on your ventilation system and drip 10-20 drops of oil on the new filter (adjust the quantity to the size of the room and the desired odour spread).

Which oils should you use?

There are many essential oils and all with different properties. We have hand-picked the best oils we know can help you in the office.

You can get a review of the 20 best essential oils in this blog post.

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Aromas that help you de-stress

Find peace in a stressful everyday life with these oils
- volant organic Lavender essential oil
- Ylang Ylang essential oil
- volant organic Relax essential oil blend

Read more about research on these oils.

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Do you have any questions about using essential oils in the office? Contact an aroma expert at if you have questions or feedback :-)

Curious of what essential oils can do for you?


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