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Aroma Diffuser

Our Aroma Diffuser looks stunning while scenting.

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Volant Aroma Diffusers are


Porcelain is sustainable and durable, and the beautiful and elegant material gives a matte finish. Each stone cover is crafted by hand, 5 mm in thickness, and painted with the most solid and durable colour. Every single aroma diffuser is unique.


Inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist, modern and natural principles, we have designed an aroma diffuser that is effective yet elegant. Our aroma diffusers are designed, developed and tested in Oslo, Norway. Our goal is to create a high-fashion interior product.


Inside each aroma diffuser is a small ceramic plate that creates a cool, odourless water mist when vibrating, just like the steam around a waterfall. This vibration breaks the added essential oils into microscopic particles and spreads the mist into the air, making it easy to freshen up your home.

Aroma Diffusers

They are designed to scent your indoor space with essential oils and blends and can help you feel more energy, awareness, calm and rest, all at the touch of a button. Aroma diffusers create the same refreshing feeling as standing next to a waterfall while scenting the air you breathe with essential oils. Enjoy the 100% natural benefits of essential oils in a simple way. Essential oils are extracted directly from plants and fruits and have a fresh and floral aroma.

Our aroma diffuser is a practical and elegant way to take advantage of the countless benefits of essential oils. The 100% natural scents help you relax after a long day or bring new energy and freshness to your home. If you need more rest, sleep, energy or focus, our aroma diffuser and essential oil blends are guaranteed to help you with that. We have the perfect scent for any mood.

How do aroma diffusers work?

The process of dispersing incredibly aromatic oils like Bergamot or Lavender into the environment has developed over the centuries from simple to sophisticated. You don't need a qualification in chemistry or physics to understand how aromatherapy work.

Essential oils have been around for centuries. Ancient civilisations were well aware of their therapeutic qualities and used them frequently for relaxation and meditation.

There is a small ceramic plate inside every aroma diffuser that creates a cool, odourless water mist when vibrating, just like the steam around a waterfall. This vibration breaks the essential oils into tiny particles, and the aroma diffuser spreads this fine vapour with essential oil and water into the air so you easily can freshen up your home.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

The volant aroma diffuser is ultrasonic. Ultrasonics sound pretty space age, don't they? Ultrasonics, or the energy produced by ultrasound vibrations, do have some pretty complex uses. You can't see them or hear them, but these amazing, high frequency sound waves can deliver a picture of a baby before it's born, disintegrate bacteria, and send a silent command to your dog, among a few hundred other uses. Bats and dolphins use ultrasonics to find their way around. But has all that got anything to do with how an ultrasonic aroma diffuser works? Yes it does, and we'll let you in on the secret.

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers, including the unique, handcrafted aroma diffusers we make at Volant, use ultrasonic sound waves. How? A electrically powered vibrating plate in the base of the aroma diffuser creates a continuous series of inaudible oscillations. These silent waves rise through the oil-impregnated water and atomise it to a finely scented vapour before dispersing it into the atmosphere. They're a stylish, effective and ecological method of enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy in your home or at work.

Why use one?

It's a perfect alternative to scented candles and helps you bring nature's rich benefits into your home, office or anywhere else. If you need more rest, sleep, energy or focus, our aroma diffuser and essential oil blends will help you with that.

Best ways to use it

To find calm (for stress)
Create the quiet atmosphere of a flower garden. Get a pause from everyday stress and make space for rest.

Evening routines that work (for sleep)
Soothing scents can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Diffuse your favourite scent every night to get the 7-8 hours of quality sleep you need.

Spark your creativity (for your mind)
Fresh scents help you go into your productive bubble and forget about the world around you. Time flies, and you create something beautiful.

Increase your wellness (for your body)
Essential oils help your body and muscles relax. Experience the power of nature and how it makes the tensions leave your body. Put pure essential oils in the aroma diffuser and experience the benefits.

Boost your day (for energy)
Some of our scents are designed to make you energised, stimulate your senses and keep you going and going. 

How to use the Volant Aroma Diffuser

  1. Fill the container with water to the fill line
  2. Add 20-25 drops of 100% pure essential oil
  3. Place the plastic lid and stone cover back on
  4. Choose your time setting, continues or intervals
  5. The aroma diffuser automatically shuts off when empty

Maintaining your aroma diffuser

If you fail to maintain it correctly, you could shorten the lifespan significantly, leading to an expensive repair bill, or even a replacement being necessary. Cleaning your aroma diffuser regularly is the best way to keep it operating effectively.

But how exactly do you clean it? The most effective way to clean it is with vinegar. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose pure white vinegar for this.

Follow the simple steps below to clean it with vinegar

1. Unplug and empty
First things first, make sure that you unplug your aroma diffuser before you begin the cleaning process. Not only will this avoid any damage, but it will also help to keep you safe too. You’ll also need to empty it of any leftover water or essential oil that may remain in the reservoir.

2. Fill with water and vinegar solution
Next, add distilled water to your aroma diffuser reservoir until it is around halfway full. Ensure that you don’t reach the max fill line in this step to avoid damage to your aroma diffuser. Then, add ten drops of pure white vinegar to the reservoir. Whilst water is sufficient to remove particles from the interior, vinegar will help to remove any oil residue that remains on the walls.

3. Run your aroma diffuser
Plug in your aroma diffuser, turn it on and allow it to run for up to five minutes. This will allow the water and vinegar solution to flow through the aroma diffuser and clear any residual oil from the internal mechanisms.

4. Drain
After the cleaning solution has been running through the aroma diffuser for around five minutes, turn off the aroma diffuser and unplug it. You can then drain the cleaning solution from the aroma diffuser, leaving it empty.

5. Clean residue
If your aroma diffuser came with a cleaning brush, this is where you’ll use it. Otherwise, a clean cotton swab can also be effective. Take your cleaning brush or cotton swab and dip it into pure white vinegar. This will help you to cut through any oil deposits that may still be lingering on your aroma diffuser. Use the swab to clean the corners and tight spots within the aroma diffuser, ensuring that all oil is removed.

6. Rinse and dry
Now that any residual oil has been removed from the aroma diffuser, it’s time to wash away the vinegar. To do this, add distilled water to your aroma diffuser and allow it to run through the aroma diffuser for a few minutes. This will remove the vinegar, leaving your aroma diffuser clean and fresh. You can then use a microfibre cloth to carefully dry your aroma diffuser. Alternatively, you can allow your aroma diffuser to air dry. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to ensure that your aroma diffuser is fully dry before replacing the cover for storage.

7. Clean cover
Finally, you can move onto cleaning the exterior cover of your aroma diffuser. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions here, as how you will clean the cover will depend on the material it is made from. For some aroma diffusers, cleaning the exterior cover with a damp cloth will be sufficient, whilst others may permit a small amount of dishwashing detergent.