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Can you gift essential oils? 6 ideas for aromatherapy gifts

It’s that time of year when you’re probably beginning to consider the best gifts for those special people in your life. You might be looking for something unique, with personality and meaning, because you want them to know just how much you care for them.

5 Ideas for Great Valentine's Gifts: How to infuse your partner's life with joy and wellness

Do you want to do something special for your partner this Valentine's day? In this article, we'll share our five best ideas for doing something extra special this Valentine's day.

Best essential oils for detox bath - Amazing tips

If you’re looking to recover from the wear and tear of daily life, you might consider taking a detox bath. This is a great way to remove toxins from your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on life.

5 Best Tips for Diluting your Essential Oils

To use essential oils safely on your skin and around your home, it’s important to dilute them. This can help to prevent skin irritation whilst also helping your essential oils to disperse effectively. But how do you dilute an essential oil, and what are the mistakes that you should avoid?

Complete Guide To Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and studied essential oils in the world, thanks to its wide range of benefits. These include relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress, improving sleep quality, and aiding in wound healing, among others.

Volant Most Influential People in Aromatherapy 2022

Are you looking to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy? Following the right experts is a great way to start. In a field of many different voices and opinions, some less trustworthy than others, this can be challenging.To help you, we’ve researched and listed the top 50 aromatherapy experts you should follow in 2022. They’re ranked based on their depth of expertise and influence in the field.

Essential oils and pets: Everything you need to know

Many people rely on the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy to treat a wide range of ailments and to enhance their mental, emotional and physical well-being. From stress to insomnia and chronic pain to anxiety, essential oils seem to be the answer to almost anything.

The Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

A very popular way of using essential oils is to apply them to your skin. This enables the benefits of your chosen essential oil to soak into your skin, enabling you to enjoy their holistic benefits in multiple ways at once!

Tips & Recipes

Footbath with essential oils

Taking a foot bath at the end of a long day has become one of my simple, yet most important rituals. It is something I do at home, in hotels and with hot water in the wilderness. There is something beautiful about rinsing my feet clean, washing away the day and getting ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

Oil mixture recipe: Retreat

We have designed this recipe to smell like a resort spa. We capture the restorative qualities of Eucalyptus and Grapefruit that can be found in a cocktail by the pool. x smells light and airy and becomes even more exotic when Ylang Ylang essential oil is added.

Essential Oil Mixture: Stress down

When the workday is over, toast to successes, no matter the size of a spicy aroma diffuser cocktail. We call it stress down.

6 recipes for essential oils you will love

There are countless recipes for essential oil blends. Here we have collected the 6 best recipes for aroma diffusers.

A towel freshener that smells like sea breeze

A natural spray is a nice way to keep your towels smelling fresh. We love to use our Bergamot, Lavender and Eucalyptus Pure Organic Essential to make that happen. We think it gives them the scent of a nice sea breeze. In this recipe we added some drops of lemon to add a dash of happiness to the recipe.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a treatment method with a long history. It is used for relaxation, pain relief and to improve well-being.

A natural hair oil

Essential oils of frankincense, bergamot and amber provide a wonderful base for the scent of your hair.

Aromatherapy at work

A secret productivity hack is to use aromatherapy at work. Essential oils can boost your energy and reduce stress, enhance your mood, and increase your focus.

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