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Essential oils have the potential to change our mood. They can relax us, energise us, make us more focused or help us sleep better.

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Organic, 100% pure and vegan

Ways to Use Essential Oils

In Your Diffuser

Add 15-20 drops of 100% pure essential oil to your diffuser to refresh your home. 

On The Pillow

Add a few drops of Sleep blend to your pillow before bedtime to fall asleep faster.

For Massage

Mix a few drops of Energy blend with a carrier oil and massage into your skin for an instant energy boost.

Spa Towels

Add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to your towel to create mini spa moments in your home.


Add a few drops of Bergamot essential oil to a warm bath for a relaxing muscle treatment.

Fresh Spray

Mix Lavender with water in a spray bottle to freshen up the air, your mattress or your car.

Sleep better with our blend Sleep

This organic oil blend is designed to help you sleep better at night. Add to your diffuser, your pillow, or mix with massage oil. 


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Get into the zone while working

Diffuse our productivity oils to help remove distractions and focus your attention on the most important tasks.


Volant Essential Oils are

100% Natural

All ingredients in our essential oils are sourced from real, natural sources. This makes the oils ideal for aromatherapy and allows you to take advantage of the Earth's natural forces.


Essential oils open up your senses to impressions and emotions. Only the best ingredients from around the world are used to produce our organic essential oils.


All ingredients are listed on the packaging, and our oils have no synthetic materials. Our essential oils are 100% pure, organic, non-toxic and vegan.

volant essential oils are

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