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Meet Our Scientific Advisors

To provide safe, quality essential oil products we work with leading Aromatherapists, Medical Doctors and Chemists.

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Professor Amanda Lattin

Professor and Aromatherapy Program Chair, ACHS & Chemist

Dr. Lattin has more than 13 years of experience as an Aromatherapist. She has a background from chemistry and leads the Aromatherapy Faculty at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She has authored several textbooks about aromatherapy. 

She makes sure volant's essential oils are of the highest quality, shares useful and scientifically vetted content, and support us in designing the essential oil blends.

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Hira Shaheen, M.D.

Dr. Shaheen is an MD and a firm believer in formulating a holistic approach towards physical and mental ailments. After graduating from medical school in Pakistan, she went on working as a clinician in various hospitals and health facilities around the country. During this time she discovered her passion for writing and decided to combine her pen and stethoscope to delegate health knowledge.

She is also a fierce advocate of women's rights and takes a special interest in women's health and wellness issues. Her collaboration with volant is because it aligns with her vision of holistic health and wellness. She helps us write content and advise our customers on how to safely use essential oils. 

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