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Fight stress with essential oils

Our white stone diffuser and organic Lavender essential oil were awarded best wellness products by Elle in 2020. 

We're offering you a super deal on our award-winning diffuser and our three best stress-defusing essential oils this week. Order today and get our ultimate E-book for free!

Curious About Stress-Reducing Essential Oils?

Finding time for rest in the midst of a busy life can be difficult. Long days at work and busy afternoons can lead to stress, low energy and less quality time to spend with your loved ones.

Essential oils have the potential to change our mood. They help us relax, energise, focus or sleep better.

An aroma diffuser, the easiest way to use essential oils, is a natural alternative to scented candles. It is easy and effective. Add water and 15-20 drops of essential oils to revitalise your home.

Get 3 Essential Oils for FREE

We're a new British brand with Scandinavian roots. We want you to test our award-winning products. We believe it should be easy and affordable to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

That's why we're giving you:

  • Vår bestselgende diffuser (Sort) 
  • Våre 3 mest populære eteriske
         oljeblandinger (Energy, Relax og Sleep)  
  • E-bok (150 sider) med absolutt alt du
         trenger å vite om eteriske oljer 
  • Our bestselling diffuser (White)
  • Our 3 best essential oil to de-stress (Lavender, Relax and Lemongrass)
  • Our E-book (150 pages) containing everything you need to know about essential oils

The usual price for all this is £178
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We're Volant Aroma and we've already helped thousands who are passionate about wellness and interior design to live a better life with our timeless and functional pieces.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Return the diffuser for free, no questions asked, within 30 days.

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"I use my diffuser and oils before public speaking and other situations where I feel performance pressure. I also use the diffuser every morning to get the day started. My family loves Energy."

Stephani Zannini

"I have tried a number of different essential oils, but none are like volant's! My job is so demanding these days, and I love to use the oils both at work and to unwind at home after work."

Susan Smith

"The oil blends smell amazing. When the everyday stress gets to be too much, they help me find my peace in life again. The black Volant diffuser looks amazing while scenting my space. Far ahead of other diffusers I've tried."

Oliver Forster

The Modern Minimalist

Retail price: £105

Our handmade stone diffuser is minimalistic and elegant, helping you spread essential oils throughout your home. The ceramic surface in matte black is a modern piece of décor and will upgrade any space with its beautiful presence.

Aroma diffusers are designed to scent your indoor space with essential oils and blends and can help you experience more energy, awareness, calm and rest.

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Get our three best stress release essential oils for £0

List price: £10

List price: £15

List price: £9

Get our 3 best oils to de-stress for £0

Organic Lavender

Retail Price £10

Organic Lavender is herbaceous and floral. Because of its balancing and calming properties, lavender is perfect for your evening routine, suiting the beauty routine with its antibacterial benefits and ensuring a good night's sleep.

Organic Relax

Retail Price £15

Sit back

Organic Relax is soft and calming. The flowery blend of Palma Rosa, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus and Grapefruit creates the atmosphere of a quiet flower garden. Relax sets the stage for a calm family evening or some well-deserved alone time.

Organic Lemongrass

Retail Price £9

Organic Lemongrass is a smokey and cleansing aroma. Lemongrass is antibacterial and a tonic to the body when diffused. This makes it suitable for a warm bath or a calm evening watching your favourite Netflix series.

Get the Ultimate Essential Oil Guide for Free

Retail Price £49

  • How to safely use essential oils
  • 20 popular essential oils and their properties
  • Essential oil blends and recipes to use in the diffuser
  • Essential oil recipes for the skin
  • Other ways to utilise essential oils
  • Research on essential oils
  • The history of essential oils
  • How essential oils are made

volant aroma diffusers are


Porcelain is sustainable and durable and the beautiful and elegant material gives a matte structure. Every stone cover is crafted by hand, light in weight with a 5 mm thickness, and painted with the most solid and durable colour. Every single diffuser is unique.

Designed in Scandinavia

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalist, modern and natural principles, we have designed an aroma diffuser that is effective and elegant. Our diffusers are designed, developed and tested in Oslo, Norway. Our goal is to create a fashionable ipiece of home decor.


Inside each diffuser is a small ceramic plate that creates a cool, odourless water mist when vibrating, just like the mist around a waterfall. This vibration breaks the added essential oils into microscopic particles and spreads the mist in the air so you can freshen up your home in an easy way.

volant diffusers are

PS: For as little as £105, you get the best diffuser on the market, our 3 award-winning organic essential oils, and a free 150-page E-book written by aroma experts!

All this with our ultimate "satisfied or your money back" guarantee on the diffuser.

Meaning: If you don't experience positive effects from our products within 30 days, you get all your money back! We are that certain you'll love our diffuser.

We're obsessed with detail and purpose, and our team has designed a diffuser that is as effective as it is elegant. Every diffuser is unique and handmade out of high-quality porcelain.

You get this unique offer for a short period of time because we want to show that aroma diffusers are simple yet extremely effective. 

We try our best to make a positive, sustainable and long-lasting impact on the lives of our customers and their loved ones.

Prolonged stress can disturb your sleep and level of wellness and can lead to burnout and anxiety. It is important to spot the warning signs and take action.

Are you feeling more tired, sleepy or low-energy? Try our wellness products now, risk-free.

NB: We have limited inventory that will be sold out soon!


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