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Why use a Volant Diffuser?

The volant diffuser helps you bring nature's richest benefits into your home, office or anywhere else. If you're yearning for more energy, sleep, focus or relaxation, volant's diffuser and essential oils are the answer.

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What is a diffuser?

Diffusers create the same refreshing feeling as standing next to a waterfall while scenting the air you breathe with essential oils. Enjoy the 100% natural benefits of essential oils in a simple way.

Volant at a glance

2022 Award-winning Scandinavian design

Scents up to 40 square meters of your home

Handmade out of sustainable, high quality ceramic

6-10 times more cost effective than scented candles

4-8 hours runtime and adjustable LED-light

Scents your home without the use of heat and turns off automatically

Unique volant technology with 2.2 million vibrations per second

100% pure and certified organic essential oils

Remove chemicals from your life

An average scented candle burns chemicals for 35 hours. One bottle of Volant Essential Oil scents your home for 200+ hours with a 100% natural and fresh aroma.

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"I had just refurbished my apartment in Oslo and wanted a diffuser that went well with my Scandinavian style. I couldn't find one, so I made one."

Daniel Hoftun

Volant founder

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