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Women’s Day Deals

30% Off Science-Backed Bundles

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For the Social Butterfly

Terracota Diffuser + Rosemary Oil + Eucalyptus Oil + Unwind Blend Oil



For the Zenful Mind

White Diffuser + Relax Oil Blend + Spearmint Oil + Lavander Oil



For the Minimalist

Everyday Essentials Set + Relax Mist + Rose Water Mist



For the Freethinker

Black Diffuser + Focus Oil Blend + Sleep Oil Blend + Cedarwood Oil



For the Creative Cook

Grey Diffuser + Citrus Boost Set + Peppermint Oil



8 Surprising Aromatherapy Benefits for Women

While our products are made for everybody, we’re taking this March as a chance to highlight the many uses of essential oils for women. 

  • Did you know certain oils can alleviate menstrual cramps?
  • Or balance your mood during PMS?
  • Or even increasing your libido?

Find out exactly how essential oils can support you and the women in your life in our comprehensive guide. 

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8 Surprising Aromatherapy Benefits for Women

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